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Empire Relations Group is a Premier Investor Relations Organization representing publicly-traded companies in their communications programs with existing shareholders and potential investors.
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Equity and Bond Consulting — Through years of experience on Wall Street, we have formed relationships with reputable stockbrokers, venture capital and investment banking firms throughout the world. Let us help you quantify your short and long term financial needs for your microcap stock. Whether it's a senior debenture or one of many structured finance alternatives, we may have the investor relations programs that are able to provide valuable introductions throughout the investment banking world to stockbrokers and bankers who have a keen interest in penny stocks

Internet Consulting — The online investment community can be your most important exposure to microcap investors and investment groups, institutions, venture capital and business audiences world-wide. Whether it's the entire creation of a website or simple cosmetic and/or presentation improvements, our experienced outside consultants will work with us side by side, dedicated to improving your corporate image.

Corporate Fact Sheets — As part of our basic service package, we will produce a corporate communications fact sheet for your company. Professionally written and designed, these corporate profiles are suitable for various investor, stockbroker and Wall Street audiences. The Corporate Profile will be come an integral part of your overall Investor Information Package.

Shareholder Communications — We insist on handling this overall communications objective. We'll worry about the stock price and let you run the company. We believe that the foundation of any good investor relations program begins and ends with the relations that are cultivated and maintained with existing shareholders.

Press Release Creation and Distribution — Buy on rumor and sell on news. Possibly true in some cases but the fact is that news creates activity in micro cap stocks. Timely and effective distribution of your financial news is paramount to an effective investor relations program. Using our sophisticated database management software, news regarding your company will be disseminated to existing shareholders in a timely manner.

Stockbroker Relations — If you're a small company, you may not meet the investment criteria of most institutional investors. What investor relations company understands the language of stockbrokers most? The answer is Empire Relations Group. Our extensive database of some of the country's best brokers will assure you that your story is marketed to one of the most powerful investment audiences in the country.

Conference Call Management — Reaching an audience through a conference call is cost-effective and powerful. Whether it's a post earnings call or a special call in response to recent corporate events, we will actively solicit participation from current shareholders and various investment groups. In addition, we will help you coordinate the call, culminating in a professional presentation.

Institutional Targeting — We monitor the trading activity of your institutional investors while targeting new institutional and/or venture capital partnerships. We will identify the institutions that are most likely to invest in your company. We actively pursue venture capital and institutional investors in our perpetual mission for optimal shareholder value.

Gold Star Report — An unbiased financial report to inform, educate and summarize specific mid-, small- and micro cap stocks. The companies identified in this business report can be found on OTCBB, Nasdaq, AMEX and NYSE exchanges. These reports are for informational purposes and is not a solicitation to buy or sell. The financial information found herein is targeted equally to individual investors and groups, institutional and venture capital firms, stockbrokers and Wall Street in general.

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Featured Company News

CyberKey Corporation
- Jan 12, 2006 -

ST. GEORGE, UT--(MARKET WIRE)-- -- CyberKey Corporation, a market leader in USB storage device technology, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a featured company in this week's Active Duty Newsletter. The newsletter reaches out to over 260,000 active duty members and informs them of news affecting them and the hottest products available to them. further selected CyberKey Corporation as the Deal of the Week: Must Have Military Gear.

CyberKey continues to receive an overwhelming response to the new Camouflage memory storage device featuring CyberKey's patented Digital Rights Extension™ technology. CyberKey has worked closely with to develop a leveraged affinity-marketing program that is expected to generate sales of the company's product line throughout the United States Military worldwide.

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